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Dec 10, 2012 5:00am PST
mcafee -- what john mcafee says he wants most now. >>> consumer spending this summer wasn't as good as first thought, signs we are still being careful with our money figures out thursday are expected to show modest increase in retail sales last month. three u.s. cities with lowest unemployment, all in north dakota, bismarck in october 2.2%, fargo second, 2.8%, grand forks 3.1. skyfall back to number one, pulling in 11 million dollars from a sluggish weekend. >>> 5:13. live look from roof camera outside you can see the ferry building top left a sliver of moon, mike is telling us warm for this time of year. forecast coming up. >>> community-based radio station hopes to get back on the air after it was targeted by vandals. they provided these images showing what vandals did. the general manager discovered the damage yesterday. [ unintelligible ] it is not the first time someone has targeted the situation. >> three times in this summer over the summer and now the fall, definitely something they are trying to target us. >> last year someone spray painted raciest words on the studios in v
Dec 13, 2012 5:00am PST
to be the queen. >>> soft bier in back if the u.s. and talking john mcafee has yet to -- answer questions about the murder of his neighbor in belize but answering plenty questions about his odyssey that ended in miami. >> reporter: john mcafee sat down for an interview with matt gutman. we knew he had a 20-year-old girlfriend, now he says he has two and the other one is 17 his goal is to get both of them to the united states. in his hotel room he flashed a stack of cash. he says a stranger dropped it off for him. he says he's broke that he lost 20 million dollars. mcafee admits his crazy act was just that, an act one he says saved his life. >> millionaire madman on the run, you paid attention to the story. >> because you acted like a madman? >> i did and it worked. >> reporter: mcafee landed in florida last night guatemalan authorities deported him because he snuck into the country illegally from belize. authorities in belize want to talk to him about the murder of his neighbor, an american citizen. at this point mcafee has not been charged with any crime. agencies in the u.s. s
Dec 12, 2012 5:00am PST
in our next half hour. >>> silicon valley software millionaire john mcafee will be a free man likely back to the u.s. a judge ordered guatemalan authorities to release him and expects him to be freed by friday. he was detained last week after he sneaked into the country from belize where he's wanted for questioning in a mur. his attorney expects he will return to the u.s. immediately. >>> this morning a berkeley man recovering from serious injuries after he was run over by three people burglarizing his home after 3:00 yesterday afternoon on fair lawn drive in berkeley hills the victim was walking his dog when he got back he saw two men and a woman ransacking his home. alan wang shot these pictures on his iphone when came upon the scene before police got there the burglars took off in a white cadillac eldorado. this is the second home burglary in that area in one week. >>> google co-founder larry page and his wife lucy want to make sure every child in the bay area needs a flu shot gets one for free. the foundation is punning -- is funding a month long program offering kids 4 to
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3